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Wellness & Health Promotion Certification

NCQA Wellness & Health Promotion (WHP) Certification is a targeted review of specialized programs. WHP certification help employers get their money’s worth when selecting wellness providers, by identifying vendors that are most likely to deliver on employers’ priorities, such as improving workforce health and reducing absenteeism.

WHP evaluations use industry-leading, evidence-based standards to assess key areas of health promotion:

  • How wellness programs are implemented in the workplace.
  • How services such as coaching can empower participants to boost their health.
  • How private health information is protected.

Redesigned in 2013 to accommodate new technologies and capabilities in the wellness industry, NCQA's WHP Certification program aligns with the Affordable Care Act and employers’ interest in creating healthier workplaces.

What Certifications Can a WHP Organization Achieve?

  • Health Appraisals (WHP 5)—The organization provides Health Appraisals (HA) that help individuals manage their health, providing results of HAs and disclosing how it uses the information and how it protects individuals’ privacy.
  • Self-Management Tools (WHP 7)—The organization provides evidence-based self-management tools to help individuals manage their health. The standards address topics important health topics; call for periodic testing to make sure tools are usable; require review and update of tools to reflect changes in evidence; and require the organization to make tools available in different formats.
  • Health Coaching (WHP 8)—The organization provides coaching services to help individuals develop skills to make healthy choices and improve their health. The standards address training and monitoring of coaches and require the organization to refer individuals to other resources, if necessary.

Why WHP Certification?

For Wellness Vendors:

Stay Current. Certification reflects best practices for helping high-value wellness programs succeed and engage employees in improving their health. Business coalitions, health plans, consumer advocates and researchers help design and update NCQA WHP programs, keeping the NCQA standards and measures current.

Stand Out. The NCQA WHP seal helps wellness vendors differentiate themselves in a crowded and competitive market. Certification positions more specialized vendors to pursue partnerships with other organizations.

Compare and Improve. NCQA evaluations help wellness vendors structure their programs to meet employer needs. Certification provides a quality check and prepares vendors to respond to performance-based contract requests with relevant quality measures.

For Employers: 

Choose Wisely. WHP Certification helps employers make informed comparisons among wellness vendors, eliminating guesswork and adding confidence to a selection.

Save Time. NCQA’s Wellness & Health Promotion Report Card consolidates detailed information on wellness vendors, allowing employers to save time when evaluating them. Employers can quickly assess a wellness program that is likely to improve health outcomes and deliver value.  

Check Against Best Practices
. NCQA Certification serves as a checklist for employers that a vendor follows best practices that help keep employees healthy and contain health care costs.

For Health Plans: 

Put Yourself in Good Company. The NCQA WHP seal assures a health plan that its wellness subcontractors’ initiatives or its own wellness services meet the nation’s highest quality standards.

For Employees:

Have Peace of Mind. Employees can expect that a wellness vendor with NCQA WHP Certification will protect their privacy, improve their health and clearly explain opportunities for and rewards of participating.

New Online Application Process

NCQA now accepts applications for its Accreditation and Certification programs online. Hardcopy applications are no longer available from the NCQA Download Center.


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