The Digital Measures Collaborative

The Digital Measures Collaborative is a joint effort between NCQA and its stakeholders to redefine quality measurement. NCQA will use information from the Digital Measure Collaborative to ensure that our digitally specified measures meet the promise of their potential. 


The Digital Measure Collaborative will meet quarterly to share information and discuss upcoming opportunities, including:

  • Updates on NCQA’s digital measure testing and NCQA’s strategic direction in producing new digital measurement products
  • Information about 2018 Digital Quality Summit (
  • Discussions on the use of HL7 standards for quality measurement and the readiness of the field to use these measure products
  • Demonstrations by Collaborative members in these emerging technologies and successful pilots of these new measures
  • Discussion Board for the collaborative community
  • Opportunities for testing draft digital measure packages and providing feedback 

HEDIS Digital Measures Testing

NCQA is seeking HEDIS users to collaborate on testing of newly specified HEDIS digital measures and provide feedback to NCQA. Testing includes implementing and/or reviewing CQL-based measures and associated artifacts, and providing feedback on the usability and feasibility.

Interested in Joining the Collaborative?

  • Send an email to  
  • Include organization name and contact information

2017 Meetings