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Accreditation and Certification Users Group (ACUG)

The Accreditation and Certification Users Group (ACUG) is an innovative and interactive community for customers of NCQA's Accreditation, Certification and Distinction products. It fosters an environment where communication, learning and collaboration improve members' understanding and application of updates to their respective organizations, and allow NCQA to enhance its products and services without delay.

ACUG members can:

  • Gain access to NCQA staff and leaders to discuss Accreditation, Certification and Distinction products and its processes.
  • Share improvement ideas with other users of accreditation and certification products to uncover best practices of challenging requirements.
  • Receive quarterly newsletters highlighting policy clarifications, organization practices and issues that may affect your organization.
  • Help shape changes to NCQA products and services.

Who Can Benefit From an ACUG Membership?

The ACUG resembles a wide range of organizations -- both experienced and new to the Accreditation/Certification process. Our members consist of, but is not limited to, the following:

  • NCQA customers, both prospective and existing, who want to learn how to maximize their understanding of accreditation and certification products.
  • Employees of state and federal agencies who want a better understanding of NCQA standards and how they pertain to regulatory requirements.
  • Consultants, purchasers and employers.

Membership Benefits

In addition to discussion with NCQA experts and industry peers and a more active voice in product enhancement, members receive various benefits during the subscription year (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017). These benefits include:

  • Access to live Webinars and presentations that address key NCQA updates, user-expressed topics of interest and best practices with NCQA staff and other members.
  • Access to the Users Group Member Download Center, including notes and slides from previous discussions and Webinar presentations.
  • A scheduled opportunity to have a conversation with a member or members of NCQA's Leadership Team.
  • $500 worth of vouchers (not available if you are a new member or a new organization):
    • $200 toward any NCQA educational seminar/Webinar
    • $200 toward an NCQA Accreditation, Certification or HEDIS publication, or toward an ISS tool license for a product of choice.
    • $100 toward NCQA'S Quality Compass
  • The Users Group Loop, a quarterly newsletter letting subscribers know about recent policies and issues that have the potential to affect their organization, user-expressed articles of interest.
  • Access to memos and other correspondence before posting on NCQA's Web site.
  • Access to ACUG LinkedIn page.
  • Opportunities to participate in focus or work groups to assist with NCQA publication development and clarification.
  • Scheduled conference calls to discuss best practices with other members and NCQA staff from different departments.
  • 10% off original price for additional organization members per accreditable entity.

Members-Only Download Center and LinkedIn Page

Download Page

The members-only Download Center contains a wealth of resources on NCQA products including recorded training sessions, presentations, newsletters, FAQs and other educational materials. Members are notified via e-mail as new materials become available in the Download Center. 


LinkedIn Page

Members will have the opportunity to take discussions offline from the Webinars and conference calls to talk about outstanding issues that may arise. The ACUG LinkedIn page is a forum for members that are interested in learning more about the members in the group from best practices to organizational dynamics.

Product and Service Enhancements

Your voice as an ACUG member is paramount to NCQA for designing and updating products and services. Members have access to NCQA staff who are directly responsible for developing, managing and clarifying NCQA’s products and for assessing organizations’ performance against standards. Staff continually look for opportunities to improve the quality of NCQA’s products and services. In addition to NCQA’s host of stakeholder groups and advisory committees that provide guidance on proposed standards, users group members can suggest improvements to NCQA standards and guidelines and services at any time.

ACUG members will have multiple opportunities, if interested, to speak with NCQA staff from various departments to contribute input on product development.

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Membership Discounts

25% off if you are a member of a government agency

15% off if you are a member of the HEDIS Users Group and Accreditation and Certification Users Group during the same standard year.

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