Accreditation of Case Management for Long-Term Services and Supports

NCQA’s Accreditation of Case Management for Long-term Services and Supports was designed to support organizations that coordinate long-term services and supports (LTSS).  

The population is aging and more states are requiring integrated, person-centered, managed LTSS. It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to demonstrate their ability to effectively coordinate services between caregivers, individuals, LTSS providers and clinicians. The Accreditation of Case Management for LTSS can support your organization in achieving these goals.

The fragmented nature of America’s health care delivery system can be especially challenging for people who need LTSS. Organizations that coordinate LTSS should implement best practices for person-centered care planning and effective care transitions, and for measuring quality improvement to support people living optimally in their preferred setting.

Program Requirements

NCQA’s standards provide a framework for organizations to deliver efficient, effective person-centered care that meets people’s needs, helps keep people in their preferred setting and aligns with state and MCO requirements.


The program accredits organizations that meet certain requirements in areas such as conducting comprehensive assessments, managing care transitions, performing person-centered assessments and planning and managing critical incidents.

Program Benefits

Earning NCQA Accreditation can help organizations:

  • Become more efficient. A focus on coordinated care, training and measurement can help organizations reduce errors and duplicated services.
  • Integrate care better. Standards can help organizations improve communication between individuals, caregivers, providers, payers and other organizations that coordinate care.
  • Provide person-centered care. Standards focus on person-centered services, which can lead to better care planning and monitoring.
  • Support contracting needs. Standards align with the needs of states and MCOs. NCQA-Accredited organizations demonstrate that they’re ready to be trusted partners in coordinating LTSS services.

Program Eligibility

Organizations that coordinate LTSS are eligible for accreditation; for example:

  • Area agencies on aging.
  • Aging and disability resource centers.
  • Centers for independent living.
  • Other home and community-based organizations.
  • Health plans that coordinate LTSS that do not provide medical/behavioral health benefits.
  • Case management organizations.
  • Other organizations that coordinate LTSS.

NCQA-Accredited MBHOs or health plans that offer comprehensive medical benefits and manage LTSS are not eligible for this accreditation but can earn LTSS Distinction.

Getting Accredited

Obtaining accreditation usually takes between nine and twelve months, depending on your organization’s readiness. The accreditation process follows a consistent series of steps.

Become a trusted organization for coordinating long-term services and supports. Contact an NCQA representative to learn more about the program, or purchase the Accreditation of Case Management for LTSS standards.

New Online Application Process

NCQA now accepts applications for its Accreditation and Certification programs online. Hardcopy applications are no longer available from the NCQA Download Center.


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