Physician Recognition Data License

NCQA, the recognized leader in health plan accreditation and performance evaluation, now offers quality data on physicians and practices.

The Diabetes Physician Recognition Program, developed jointly by NCQA and the American Diabetes Association, and the Heart/Stroke Recognition Program, developed jointly by NCQA and the American Heart/American Stroke Association, recognize physicians who provide high quality care to patients across all payers. Physician Practice Connections recognizes practices, and their physicians, that use information and systems to improve patient care.

Data from these programs provide a unique opportunity to integrate validated quality information with organizations' own data on physicians. This data set is updated monthly and features:

  • Physician and practice identification information
  • Individual recognition status based on successful completion of NCQA recognition programs
  • A geographically diverse set of recognized physicians
  • Physician practices of varying sizes and type

For more information on licensing the Physicians Recognition Program data for use provider directories and other initiatives, please contact NCQA Customer Support at (888) 275-7585.

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